Services for geoSpatial IT projects

Finding the right Geospatial software is not easy but simply using it can be found easy, but does it fulfill the needs you have? That’s why PranaGEO provide consultancy services and educational services in the areas of remote sensing, spatial data analysis, environmental research and decision taking.

Geospatial Data Science

Co-Founder of PranaGEO Dr. Ahmet Cizmeli has 20 years of active research experience in the areas of environmental remote sensing, bio-optical oceanography, GIS, spatial analysis and data management. He has also extended his expertise by applying currently blooming cloud-based big-data technologies on geospatial data. He offers on-demand training- and consultancy-services to help you untangle your complex problems around geospatial data.

Scientific Programming in R

R is today’s leading Open Source software and data analysis language. It freely offers 7000+ packages allowing a vast spectrum of tools : statistics, data analysis, modeling, graphing and web publishing etc. We currently offer the following R trainings;
– Programming in R I (for beginners)
– Programming in R II (advanced)
– Geospatial data manipulation in R
– Building web-based idata analysis/display applications with R Shiny

IT Consultancy

We provide advice and implementation how our software and/or systems can be fit your business needs and integrated in your current IT landscape. We conduct risk and feasibility analyses and we can also prepare a design of the right ICT-infrastructure. Co-Founder Gert Kroon has a broad consultancy experience in the area of IT and performed many IT consultancy projects in different industries for local- and global-based companies. The last 15 years he worked as a Outsourcing/Cloud consultant at IBM and advised international customers how to transform their IT Landscape to meet their business goals.