Education in R and geoSpatial

R language is currently occupying a very important place in today’s Data Science global trends and that role is getting bigger every day. Unfortunately there are practically very few, if not non-existent professional R-training’s available in Turkey. PranaGEO aims to take on the mission of filling in this gap and start playing an active role in the promotion of R in Turkey.

Turkisch leaflet to download

Introduction to R

– Introduction to programming in R part I
– Introduction to programming in R part II
– Statistical data analysis with R part I
– Graphical data display techniques in R

Intermediary skills to R

– Introduction to programming in R part III
– Advanced programming in R


– Web application development with Shiny


New Technologies in R

– New R Packages that Changed the Game
– R and NoSQL Databases
– Big Data Practices in R
– Interactive Data Display with Javascript Libraries in R

R for the Geospatial Analysis

– GeoSpatial  data in R
– GeoSpatial Data Analysis in R
– Introduction to Spatial Statistics in R
– Introduction to Spectral Data Analysis in R
– Remote Sensing with R