Our first meeting was at local coffee shop in Bodrum. The next meetings were in a restaurant called Su (water). We developed our first product at my kitchen table and now we are almost back at the same location where we first started.
The last one and a half  year we used my house as one of the founders of PranaGEO, and now we have an office with employee housing facilities in the center of Bodrum among orange trees, with a great view of a typical Bodrum garden.

This new office environment will certainly give PranaGEO developers inspiration to expand current product capabilities and to develop new products. As we officially certified our first product GeoSpectRal we are now busy building VisualR, a new platform which will provide the capability of collecting, storing, analyzing and presenting geospatial data enriched with the capabilities of R, the number one statistical analytics software. More details you can find on our product page for VisualR.
Software development can not only be successful if you have a relaxing environment where developers can use their creativity in full, design and code new features and expand current functionality, we believe you also need to educate your clients how to make optimal use of the software and how to integrate it into their business processes. That’s why PranaGEO started providing R-Education. We will now provide educational services on how to use R with geospatial data and provide Consultancy Services on how to integrate our software into your business processes.