What is geoSpectRal?

geoSpectRal is a CRAN certified R package providing a new data type for R that stores spectral, temporal and spatial attributes of measurement data as well as methods for accessing and manipulating the spectral (and non-spectral) data. Once spectral data is imported into geoSpectRal, the statistical and data processing power of R is available for various kinds of scientific analyses.

Obtaining geoSpectRal

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Interactive plotting engine

Say that you have field data containing spectral, time, coordinate and depth dimensions. geoSpectRal offers interactive graphics tools allowing click, select, pan, zoom, brush, export operations. Multiple graphing engines are supported.

Use spc.plot.plotly() to visualize the shape of your spectral data stored inside a Spectra object

spc.plot.time.plotly() can be  used  to produce timeseries graphs from field data. Works both with spectral and non-spectral data.

Create multi-layered interactive point, line, polygon and raster maps with spc.plot.map.rbokeh().

Use spc.plot.depth.plotly() to display variation of oceanographic depth profiles. Works both with spectral and non-spectral data.

and much more… Visit the tutorial page for more information.