A key success of detecting frost in an early stage, when building a frost prediction model in our Software Platform, is weather images.  We are using data collection methods such as  local IOT devices (sensors) for weather data to feed into the model. Our team has been looking for additional sources of weather data which collects the same data (for comparison) but can also provide additional information such as satellite images and cloud data.

As PranaGeo is part of the Global Entrepreneur Program of IBM, which recently acquired the Weather Company, we found an ideal match. Weather Underground, a brand within the Weather Company, collects and publishes a unique level of real-time weather data. This unprecedented level of data which can be selected based upon location, time and type of data, is automatically downloaded into our platform where it used to improve the frost prediction in more detail.

In the near future we are  extending our frost model with Satellite Images that we are obtaining from Weather Underground. We can predict more accurately  and earlier if frost is approaching on a selected location. For more information please visit www.pranageo.com or contact Gert Kroon (gert@